There Are So Many Ways to Shed Light on Your Beautiful Property

There Are So Many Ways to Shed Light on Your Beautiful Property

Explore energy-efficient, accent and outdoor lighting options in Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Edmond & Norman, OK

Outdated light fixtures look out of place in renovated spaces. If you’ve recently remodeled your home or office in the Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman, OK area, it’s time to upgrade your lighting. 405 Electrical Services is standing by to assist you.

We’d be happy to show you options for:

  • Under-cabinet lighting: Brighten up your kitchen by installing LED light bars under your cabinets. You can also use under-cabinet lighting at your kitchen island, bathroom vanity or desk.
  • Dimmable lighting: Create the perfect mood lighting for cocktail parties, movie nights or company presentations.
  • Track lighting: Shed light on every corner of your space with stylish track lights.
  • LED lighting: Switch from inefficient incandescent bulbs to LEDs, and you might find yourself paying less to light up your home or office building.
  • Can lighting: Install can lighting (also known as recessed lighting) in rooms where conventional overhead light fixtures would take up too much space.

Have questions about your accent, outdoor or energy-efficient lighting options? Contact 405 Electrical Services today!

Leave your lighting installation to us

Upgrading your lighting is a job best left to the professionals in Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman, OK. The electricians at 405 Electrical Services have extensive experience installing:

  • Accent lighting: Can light fixtures | Wall sconces | Track lights
  • Outdoor lighting: Floodlights and spotlights | Exterior sconces | Path lights
  • Energy-efficient lighting: Halogen incandescent, CFL and LED light fixtures | Dimmers

Trust us to provide you with a customizable lighting solution for every space in your home or office building.

Live or do business in Oklahoma City? We’ll come to you. Contact us today to schedule your outdoor, energy-efficient or accent lighting installation.