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Home Remodeling Electricians, Electrical Rewiring, Panel Upgrades Near Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Edmond & Norman, OK

If you’re remodeling a room or building an addition, you may want to rewire your existing space to provide it with the power it requires. You can also change the location of outlets and light fixtures to better serve you. 405 Electrical Services offers residential electrical rewiring to make sure everything is up to code and working properly. Our experienced electricians are ready to:


  • Rewire your home
  • Install light fixtures
  • Upgrade electrical panels
  • Install new outlets
  • Troubleshoot existing problems

Don’t get shocked by electrical work that’s best left to professionals. Call 405-361-3316 today to schedule a home remodeling electrician in the Choctaw, Oklahoma City, Edmond and Norman, OK areas.


As technology evolves, the necessity for different types of switches and outlets changes. From updating the type of light switch to installing USB ports next to your electrical outlets, 405 Electrical Services will make sure your home is wired for your style and needs. Get an estimate on your residential electrical services by contacting 405 Electrical Services today.