We’re Shamelessly Plugging Our Services

We’re Shamelessly Plugging Our Services

Hire us when you want to add electrical outlets in Oklahoma City, OK

Are you trying to add electrical outlets to your home? 405 Electrical Services can make charging your devices a lot easier by expanding the number of places in your home where you can plug them in.

You might need new electrical outlets because they ones you have are outdated or because you need a new outlet in a specific place in your home. Maybe you simply don’t have enough.

We can install plenty of different outlet styles, including outdoor and indoor,
ground-fault circuit interrupter, floor and appliance.

Call 405-361-3316 now to learn how easy it is to add electrical outlets in Oklahoma City, OK.

Hit the lights with an array of new switches

Maybe you’re remodeling your home, or maybe your current light switches have seen better days. Whatever the reason, when you’re ready to replace your light switches, reach out to 405 Electrical Services.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to installing new light switches. We offer:

  • Dimmer switches that can set the mood
  • 3-way switches that offer different settings
  • Remote switches that you control at a distance
  • Smart switches that work with mobile apps
Contact us today so we can start installing light switches in your Oklahoma City, OK home.